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Mandera finds water using satellite, radar

Storyline:National News

The Mandera government is using satellite and radar to find areas that have water so it can drill boreholes, Governor Ali Roba has said.
Speaking at Elram Primary School during the Prize Giving Day yesterday, Roba said the county decided to use the technology after previously experiencing difficulties in locating water.
He said the contract was awarded to an international organisation.
Roba said it is expensive but reliable and will reduce waste of resources.
He said the county will spend a Sh150 million for the water project.
“Hiring of water boozers for water trucking is proving to be very expensive. We used Sh100 million in two months only. That is why we have resorted to drilling boreholes for our people, which is a lasting solution to the water problem,” Roba said.
He said the county has drilled a borehole in Dandu, Takaba subcounty with the help of the technology.
The governor said his administration is determined to stop the perennial water shortage.
He said the county has had four consecutive dry seasons that has made life more difficult for residents, who largely practise pastoralism.
Roba said that other areas the government wants to drill boreholes are Shimpir-Fatuma, Burmayo, Sukela Tiffa and Bambo.