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March 2015: Key developments in Interim Jubba Administration State

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The Interim Jubba Administration is the second newest functional state in Somalia in line with the federalisation process as contemplated in the New Deal and Vision 2016. Goobjoog news is documenting key developments and events in the month of March 2015.
15th May 2013: Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe is elected as the president of Interim Administration which the federal government recognized as legal regional state government for Gedo, Lower Jubba and middle Jubba regions.
The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Jubba delegation holds talks in Addis Ababa from 20th – 27th August 2013, under the auspices of the IGAD Chair of the Council of Foreign Ministers.
The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and Jubba delegations herein after referred to as the parties, discussed several issues regarding the political, governance and security situation of Jubba.
The principles are as follows:
• Leadership of the Government of the Republic of Somalia in the process;
• Respect of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia;
• All inclusive consultative process with the peoples of Somalia;
• Supportive role of IGAD based on the priorities of the Somali Government;
• Fighting Al-shabab as the primary focus of the Somali Federal Government; regional and international partners;

March 2015  Key developments

3rd March 2015: A delegation led by the president of semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas reaches Kismayo for talks with IJA leader Ahmed Madoobe.
Both leaders discuss ways and means of stemming the tide of violence perpetrated by the Al Shabaab militants and strengthening of ties between the two regions and building of regional institutions such as schools to boost the education sector.
7th March 2015: UN Special Envoy Nicholas Kay on a visit to Kismayo town welcomes the Interim Juba Administration’s progress towards forming a regional assembly.
“I welcome the progress on forming the IJA’s regional assembly, and urge the speedy conclusion of a transparent and inclusive process, in which women and minorities are properly represented,” said Mr. Kay. “Ensuring a fair and inclusive process will help build a just and peaceful society for the people of the Juba regions as well as all Somalis.”
7th March 2015: Mohamed Abdi Affey who visited Kismayo town holds talks with IJA leaders
7th March 2015: The President of Somalia’s North Eastern Government of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas along with a large delegation including members of his cabinet, lawmakers and community leaders conclude four-day long tour to Kismayo , the Interim administrative capital of Jubbaland.
21st March 2015: After the conclusion of the fifth session, some Somali federal parliamentarians who were given 15 days to visit their constituencies as provisional constitution of Somalia reach kismayo town to discuss with IJA leaders.
The MPs tour many places including Kismayo market, the town’s central police station, IJA central bank and Kismayo General Hospital.
22nd March 2015: The African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) and Somalia National Army troops capture the strategic island of Kudhaa in southern Somalia from Al-Shabaab fighters.
23rd March 2015: Somali Interior Minister Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odowa reaches Kismayo town to mediate the dispute which engulfed the meeting in the port city of Kismayo aimed at the selection of members of parliament for IJA.
Federal government of Somalia is in the process of implementing federalism in the country which is crucial for 2016 vision.
25th March, 2015: Delegation from Islamic Development Bank reache Kismayo town to hold talks with IJA leaders.
The bank pledges that it will implement development projects in Kismayo town.
28th March 2015: Traditional elders in Lower Jubba region assigned to carry out the selection of regional parliamentary members conclude the selection successfully.