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Marka fighting lulls as sides seek more reinforcement

Storyline:National News

After two days of  heavy fighting  between clan based militias that took place in the town of Marka that has reportedly left several people dead, with many more injured has finally lulled as sides at battlefield call for reinforcement.

The clashes began Saturday as opposing clan based militias attacked rival clan militias who were  in  the town of Marka, causing a heavy fight to break out between the two in which both sides used heavy weaponry.
Tensions between the two clans have risen in recent days after killing several people for revenge.
Sources told Goobjoog News that traditional elders, clerics and intellectuals are making efforts to ease the tension and hostilities between the two clans in the areas.

People are moving away from the town and surrounding areas fearing the clashes as the situation and the current tense situation.

“We fear fighting could erupt at anytime because the clan militias are reinforced heavily and the government has carried out no attempts to intervene” said a resident.

The clash between the two rival clans had started earlier this  year following a land dispute, while the local elders been able to mediate between the groups, a lasting ceasefire has never been achieved.

Arguments over land use, boreholes and pasture have perennially contributed to fighting among Somali clans who are largely pastoralists.

The situation in the town has witnessed a recurring scene of infighting between clan based militias, which in the past two weeks alone have left more than 10 people dead.

Several calls have been made to the AMISOM forces stationed in the area to intervene and prevent the fighting, however the response so far has been minimal to none.