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Measles and Malaria Claims Lives in Barawe

Storyline:National News

Somali WomenAn outbreak of diseases like Measles and Maleria in Barawe, Lower Shabelle has claimed the lives of at least 4 women according to the acting district commissioner Bashir Mohamed Yusuf.

Speaking to Goobjoog the acting commissioner said that there are other people infected with diseases and that there is limited or no medical care in the town.

“I would like to appeal to the health ministry and interior ministry to honor their pledge of providing medical supplies to the town’s hospital” said Mr. Bashir.

Diseases like Measles is becoming recurrent in parts of the country where health care is non existence as government is struggling to roll its authority and services to the recently recovered areas from Al-shabab.

To make things worse, some areas are totally inaccessible by aid agencies and government officials.

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