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Meeting for setting up local elections date for 5 locations to be held in Baidoa town

Storyline:National News

A meeting for deciding on the date of elections for local government positions in 5 locations in Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle of Southwest state is expected to take placed in the coming hours in Baidoa town.

Currently there are some Ministers from regional governments of Somalia and the President of Southwest State Sharif Hassan Sharif Aden is expected to travel today from Mogadishu to Baidoa to open and preside over the said meeting.

The Federal Interior Minister and officials of European Union are also anticipated to take part in the meeting where the latter have sponsored the gathering.

It’s highly assumed that deliberations will mostly touch on some issues prominently among them deciding the on the exact date of elections, how to conduct the local government elections in the regional state and the number of contenders each location will have.

The elected representative of the local government officials will later vote and elect local commissioners of the five regions though the local people are feeling the wish that the administrators themselves to be elected also by the local people.

It was on May 2017 when the Southwest Parliament passed a motion on Local Elections Law proposed by the local Interior Ministry and Local Government.

The locations for the elections include Baidoa, Bardale (Bay region), Hudur and Elbarde (Bakool region) and Barawa town in Lower Shabelle.

The said meeting was expected to take place yesterday.

The local elections will be supervised and implemented by the local Interior Ministry and Local Government of Southwest State.