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Meeting on evacuation plans for Somali refugees held in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

A grand meeting organized by Somali prime Minister’s Office on the issue of Somali refugees in Yemen was held today in Mogadishu.
Somali Islamic scholars association, Somali National refugee agency, Somali Civil Society associations, Somali National Women, traders, official from Goobjoog News and many others were among the participants of the meeting.
The aim of the gathering was to discuss the ways forward on Somali refugee’s crises in Yemen.
The deputy of the Somali Interior Minister Haji Ali Sheikh speaking at the gathering said that United Arabic Emirates (UAE) is ready to take parts the process to evacuate Somali refugees in Yemen.
“International Organization for Migration will also contribute the airlifting efforts and the first flight is scheduled to kick-off in the first days of next week” he said.
Somali consulor to Yemen who was also attending the meeting warned an imminent malnutrition and starvation among Somali Refugees in Yemen.
Goobjoog News Director Hasan Mahmoudd Mohammed highlighted the important role of local Radio Stations and media in general when it comes to reporting Somalis crises in Yemen and that Goobjoog will continue on its coverage on this matter as long as it will be addressed correctly.
The participant agreed upon to establish an independent Committee for handling the crises of Somalis in Yemen.
Somalis in everywhere are pressuring the government to help Somalis trapped in Gulf of Aden war get out of it reach the safety.