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Elders Call for Ceasefire in Mir’owleed village of Galmudug region

Storyline:National News

Traditional elders from Galmudug state have joined calls for an immediate ceasefire in clan related conflict in Mir’owleed village in Galgaduud region.

Yasiin Mohamed Gaani, one of Somali elders said that there was no need of shading the blood of brotherly clans who have been living together for centuries.

Gaani expressed deep sadness over tribal fighting in Mir’owleed.

The fighting which Saturday early erupted in the village left at least 15  people including both warring sides killed while more 10 others were reported to have sustained injuries.

Gaani urged Somalia government to learn more about those who instigated the hostilities between the both warning rival leaders.

Somalia has seen many deadly clan conflicts since warlords overthrew the central government led by the late Somali president Siad Barre. The wars, which began as struggle for control of the government, quickly degenerated into predatory looting, banditry, and occupation of valuable real estate by conquering clan militias.