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Somali military and AMISOM vacate key positions in Gedo

Storyline:National News

Reports from volatile region of Gedo in the most southern parts of Somalia indicate that Somali National Army and AMISOM peacekeeping forces has vacated key positions there, laying bare the town for Alshabab take-over.

The position falls between two main towns of Garbaharey and Bulo Hawo and residents fear insurgent’s comeback.

The allied forces went to Bulo Hawo town where they have another major base. Reliable sources who requested anonymity told Goobjoog News the troops have left the town and they expressed fears of an Al-Shabab comeback.

These areas have been recently recovered from Alshabab in a devastating war that saw top government leaders killed, including the deputy district commissioner of Bulo Hawa Mr. Mohamed Yakub and Abdi Hawsar, area police commissioner.

The latest move is seen as a major military setback that can help Alshabab regroup and demoralize the local forces who paid heavy price for the recapture.

AMISOM from Ethiopia are known for their tactics of seizing a position, then withdrawing.

Last month the peacekeepers captured key areas in Hiran only to withdraw, a move which has outraged Djiboutian AMISOM commanders who have spoken out against.

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