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Military court sentence a man to life in prison in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News, Security

A military court sentenced life in prison to Abdirahman Omar Abdi who has been a member of Al-Shabab fighter, especially members of Al-Shabab that attacked a military base on the outskirt of Belet-Amin.

Abdirahman Omar Abdi was arrested Belet-Amin while he was an injury in an ambush by al-Shabab militia and handed over to security forces On September 26, 2019.

The court ruled on February 17th 2020 to listen to the case against Abdirahman Omar Abdi.  The Prosecutor’s Office told the judges that the accused had been arrested while in combat and lost one of his legs. The prosecutor added that Abdirahman had participated in other attacks search as Barrie, Bulo Marer, Barawe, and Golweyn since he joined Al-Shabab from Wallawen district in Lower Shabelle region in 2010.

The judges have finally decided on Abdirahman Omar Abdi case and sentenced life in imprisonment, according to Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shute, chairman of the Armed Forces Court.

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