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Military Court Sentence Military Officer To Death

Storyline:National News, Security

The Armed Forces Court has sentenced a soldier who killed three brothers in the past.

In the court statement, On June 7 this year, Hashi Ali Mohamud was arrested by gunmen for the murder of Hassan Ahmed Abukar, Hussein Ahmed Abukar and Abdullahi  Ahmed Abukar, in Karaan district, especially Gumarey, opposite the headquarters of Haji Daud on 17th June 2018

He escaped from the scene of the shooting and received police custody for a year and several days.

On the 15th of July this year, she took over the office of the prosecution, and at that time they asked the judge to send her to the central jail for their trial.

The Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the case of Hashi Ali Mohamud’s alleged gunman, and after a lengthy investigation, they have requested a trial date.

The 26-month-old convenes for the first session of the trial, before the Crown prosecutor’s office that there were land disputes caused by the witnesses but the judges decided to bring in more evidence.

He is scheduled to appear again in the case of Hashi Ali Mohamud, two months later, and came with the Prosecutor’s Office to provide further evidence, including citizens.

Dhamme Mumin Hussein Abdullahi, the Deputy Attorney General of the Armed Forces, argued that the accused identified himself as mentally ill with three unarmed brothers and that the accused went to the killing of a journalist he travelled from in Afghanistan capital and left corner  out of town, something else amazing and the witness include that one of the deceased and injured have escaped from a complete picture, The court accused before standing also bought the assets entrusted to him for the security agencies in tracking.

Defendant’s counsel requested that the deceased be compensated as the accused were a family of the deceased.

The judges finally decided to sentence Hashi Ali Mohamud, the killer of the late Hassan Ahmed Abukar, Hussein Ahmed Abukar and brothers Abdullahi Ahmed Abukar, according to the parties to the case of Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shute. First Class of the Armed Forces.

The Court’s decision will be appealed within 30 days after the sentencing hearing.