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Military Officials in Gedo “We Captured Alshabab Members Alive”

Storyline:National News

ShababGovernment Military officials in Gedo Region said they have captured Alshabab elements after heavy fighting between Somali National Army and Alshabab insurgents in the region.

There have been recurrent clashes between the sides for the last several days near Garbaharay town, main city of Gedo.

Abdullahi Mohamed Abshir of SNA told Goobjoog that they have captured 2 middle ranking Al-shabab commanders alive, one of them is injured.

He promised to parade them in front of the media to authenticate his claims.

Gedo is one of the last regions in Somalia where Alshabab controls some of its districts. They made their main base In Bardhere , Gedo, after losing much of the Somalia’s territory they previously held due to major military offensive spearheaded by AMISOM and SNA.

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