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Out-going minister for Agriculture:Plans are in Place for river Shabelle Improvement in 2015

Storyline:National News

BaafoThe outgoing minister  for Agriculture of federal government of Somalia Hon. Abdi Mohamed Ahmed Aka Baafo told Goobjoog that he has done a quite well job in the agricultural sector of Somalia while he was in office.

He confirmed that he has distributed seeds to many impoverished farmers along the river Shabelle banks, but he pointed out that the need that is there is far greater than what they provided.

However the minister has taken the credit of 500 households who substantially improved their livelihood after the ministry’s intervention and helping hand.

He said one of the main sources of the problem facing the small scale farmers is the flooding caused by the river Shabelle “We have plans to improve the Shabelle River in 2015, this is to stop the flooding and managing the follow of water” said the minister.

One of the plans is to dig water channels to help relieve the river when there is an overflow.

Each year thousands are displaced due to the flooding , they also loss their crops and the floods often results the outbreak of deadly diseases which Somalia has no means to control, therefore ministries are now thinking of prevention measures to be put in place before the disaster strikes again.

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