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Minister of Information Dahir Gelle defends the agreement between Ethiopia and Somalia

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Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Government of Somalia Dahir Gelle Mahamoud today held a press conference for the first time since his appointment, said he considered the freedom of the press and suggested that when it comes to sensitive issues of the country, the press must always remain  positive, considering the conditions and circumstances of the country through. Dahir Gelle, speaking about the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s visit in Mogadishu, said that it’s the right time fot the two governments to provide support for security and economic cooperation.

The Minister said: “It has been raised, agreed that ports will be made, the ports will be 4 ports, and large-scale investments, investment may be from the two governments but investing in the world’s financiers and investment companies and large corporations and also individuals from the two countries to invest… ports needs major roads connecting the merchandise to the area and to its destination.” Dahir was no immediate concern of the government said:

“The Somali people are asking for the right cuts when they heard on their history records, as many countries and neighboring countries may hear of conflicts and many illnesses it’s not simply easy to pass on? I can say that is a fair question, a reasonable question that everyone can ask himself, but on the hand it’s a meaningful agreement to change the past conflict in order to create a better economic and social environment between the two countries.

Finally, Dahir stated that it will be established by technical committees such as the parliament which would ratify the international agreements.

Parliamentary Views:

Parliament members have not still commented on the deal, saying they are deeply involved in time and understanding. Senator Ahmed Abdi Salim Mohamud (Bulsho), one of the MPs the Upper House of Parliament who spoke to Goobjoog News said “There still a lot to be done before the agreement is signed, the two parliamentary houses must agree, but for the majority of the parliamentarians are optimistic and hoping that the agreement will be so meaningful to both the countries. Ethiopia’s troops are in Somalia, which is in the international community, IGAD and the AU.

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