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Minister of Information Welcomes Cabinet Approval of Draft Media Law

Storyline:National News

Mogadishu, 01 September 2014 – H.E. Mustafa Duhulow, the Minister of Information, today warmly welcomed cabinet approval of the draft Media Law, saying: “The Media Law is in the interest of Somalis, it will let us enhance the development of Somali Media.”

The draft Media Law went through different stages of development and a series of consultations with key stakeholders in the Somali media sector. The draft Media law is in line with the Provisional Constitution and international law.

The Minister said: “The draft Media Law lays down the laws governing Somali media, and is in line with the Provisional Constitution, specifically Chapter 18. There is an urgent need for this law, which will help the reform and the development of the Somali media, and it will also modernize the Somali media, it will create jobs for young people, and it will protect the rights of Somali media workers. Importantly, this law will also protect civilians from any violation of his or her dignity in the media.”

The Minister, speaking on the stages that the process went through, said “There have been a series of consultations with key stakeholders, in particular Somali media workers. The consultation process took place in the regions of Somalia such as Galkayo, Garowe, Beledweyne, Baydhabo and Kismayo as well as Mogadishu. We paid special attention to the private media, as they were the majority of the participants in the process that reviewed the media law over the last few months.”

The Media Law guarantees the existence of Government owned media outlets, Private Media Outlets, and the Public Service Broadcasters (PSB). The Minister speaking on the PSB said “Chapter 23 states that the country, for the first time in its history, will establish Somali Public Service Broadcasts and I am pleased that our country is moved forward.”

The Media Law will now be forwarded to the parliament for debate, discussion and approval. The President will issue a decree after the approval of the parliament in order for the Media Law to be effective. The Minister concluded: “This is good news for the media in Somalia