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Ministry of labour sign agreement with Qatar


Somali renegotiation committee held a meeting with the counterpart in Qatar over providing opportunities for Somali nationals.

The agreement between the two countries signed in 1983 and re-enacted in late September of this year was signed by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hon. Saadiq Hirsi Warfa travelled to Qatar where he met with various officials including the Minister of State for Development of labour and Social Affairs, Mr Mohamed Bin Yusuf Al-Uthman Fakhruu.

Both Ministries of Labor have appointed a six-member committee tasked with coordinating and implementing the agreement.

The Coordination and Reconciliation Service Agreement held in Qatar last night, the Commission signed an action plan to implement the agreement search as the exchange the list of companies dealing with recruitment issues overseas, Somalia Government should have a part in the World Cup staff in Qatar by 2022, The government of Qatar emphasizes the importance of Somali workers being open to the labour market in Qatar, Have agreed to create a complete database of Somali staff.

The two Ministers agreed to establish offices responsible for labour relations where Somalia has been appointed the office of the Ministry of Arab Affairs while Qatar is also appointed the International Labor Relations Office.

The two committees prioritized that the process should be started as soon as possible so that Somali workers would have the opportunity to work and promote co-operation with the two ministries.

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