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Miniter of Education “we don’t recognize the Universities in the country”

Storyline:National News

Somali Minister of Education Abdirahman Dahir Osman said his ministry did not recognize the universities in the country, praising on their quality.

The Minister who spoke to Somali Cable said his ministry doesn’t recognize the universities in the country, we can recognize a university with the quality of its academic Function and the structure of the education system in the country.

“We  know we have universities in the country that have complete international standards of the universities, but in the current situation of the country we have not reached that level of standard to control the quality of the universities in the country.”

Abdirahman Dahir Osman said that his ministry has registered universities but did not recognize it on a doubt of their qualities.

Goobjoog News, have tried to have a connection with education minister Abdirahman Dahir Osman with the issue but he has not been able to respond.

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