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Mogadishu IDPs in desperate conditions while world marks humanitarian day

Storyline:National News

Humanitarian dayA time when the world is marking humanitarian day many people in Somalia are  in desperate conditions following conflicts and drought that hit their areas.

Most of the areas in South and Central Somalia are vulnerable to experience acute shortage of essential needs like food, water and medicine.

Many IDPs in and out of Mogadishu interviewed by Goobjoog FM stated that they did not receive any assistance from humanitarian aid agencies adding that the day has no profound impact on them.

Abdi Hassan Mohamed, a father of three children residing a camp in Hodan district complained lack of assistance for years since they left their homes.

Halima, a mother in a camp in Mogadishu said that today is the worst day in her life, she added that whenever people hear IDPs they think the people in the camps receive regular humanitarian support which is not realistic.

The federal government of Somalia recently sent appeal to international aid agencies and Somali communities in abroad to support the people who face difficulties in the country.

On the other hand UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon hailed the commitment of humanitarian relief efforts and remembered all those who died serving the noble cause.

He added In recent weeks, dozens of humanitarians — including members of the UN family — have lost their lives in different parts of the world.Too many people have died or suffered from deliberate attacks.