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Mogadishu Marks Eidul-fitri peacefully

Storyline:National News

Eidul fitri--Mogadishu

As Today is the first day of Shawal many happy Muslims around the world came out to celebrate Eidul fitri occasion to mark the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting

Early in the morning many people mostly well dressed children with new clothes and top government leaders of the republic of Somalia gathered in the mosques and peacefully enjoyed Eidul-fitri together in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

The security forces were vigilant to prevent security threats in the city and all the regions of the country where Eidul fitri occasion was observed.

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed addressing the congregation in Isbaheyga mosque sent congratulation to the Muslim community especially Somali people.

He stated that his government will leave no stone un turn until the security of the country, especially the capital is fully confirmed.

In his speech president Hassan urged Somali people particularly parents to guide their children to the right path and prevent them from taking bad ideologies that might harm the security of country.

Mr. Hassan called the warring sides in Lower Shabelle, Hiran and Galgadud regions to stop fighting and hostilities immediately.

The Prime minister of federal government Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed and federal parliament speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari sent similar congratulations to Somali people.

According to reports Goobjoog is getting from Central Somalia regions Eidul-fitri occasion was not observed in all the areas under the administration of Ahlu Suna Wal Jamaa.