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Mogadishu mayor meets his counterpart in Stockholm

Storyline:National News
Muungaab and Ronald Nordin
Mogadishu mayor, Muungaab and Ronald Nordin of Stockholm

The governor of Banadir region and the Mayor of Mogadishu Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab met his counterpart the mayor of Stockholm Roland Nordin.

The two officials in a prolonged meeting discussed the diplomatic relations between the two nations especially the two cities Mogadishu and Stockholm.

Mr. Muungaab presented the situation of the country and the achievements the federal government made to his counterpart adding that Banadir administration is making tremendous efforts to reconstruct the capital city that was devasted by the civil war.

The mayor of Stockholm Ronald Nordin on his side  promised that he will tighten the ties between the countries and will take lion’s share in the reconstruction of Somalia.

Mogadishu mayor who was in an official visit in Sweden since last week met with Swedish lawmakers, officials from Sweden foreign Ministry, international aid agencies and Somali Diaspora community giving full reports of the country.

He urged Somali community in Sweden to take part in the reconstruction of Somalia.