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Regional official admitted to planning attack on BRA HQs- Filish

Storyline:National News, Security

Security forces arrested a regional official involved in the planning of the attack that killed former mayor Abdirahman Yarisow, Mogadishu mayor Omar Filish has said.

Speaking Friday, Filish said the official whom he did not name admitted involvement in the deadly attack at the city mayor’s headquarters in late July that killed the mayor and about seven other Banadir Regional Administration officials.

Initial reports had indicated a blind woman working with the administration detonated a suicide vest during a meeting in which the mayor was chairing.

The mayor also called on Mogadishu residents to bear with the roadblocks in the city noting it was the only better option. “When I came in, I thought we could do away with the roadblocks. I, however, learnt that should we do so, attacks increase and if we retain, people suffer. We chose to retain,” the mayor said.

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