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Mogadishu Mayor “There Has Been Tax Evasion for 25 Years, Now Is the Time to Pay”

Storyline:National News

Muungaab 1The Governor of Banadir Region who doubles up as Mogadishu Mayor Hassan Husein Mungab has reminded the business people in Mogadishu that they never paid taxes for more than 25 years, and told them to pay now.

He was speaking as a ceremony of tar road construction project in Mogadishu; the mayor applauded the Somali Chamber of Commerce who funded the project.

“This is %100 Somali funded and Somali owned, I call upon the business people to contribute the road construction” said the mayor.

He warned those who are not willing to pay will face the might of the law “Those of you who have business and are not willing to pay, I can tell you that we will send the police and security forces and will extract forcefully” said the irate mayor.

The two tarred roads are one kilo meter long each, one runs from Hawlwadaag Interjection to Bar Ubah, the other runs from Adan Adde Interjection to Arwo Idko , both are in the Bakara Market.

Mungab has plans to construct all city roads by contribution from members of the public and businesses.

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