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Mogadishu military court executes 2 Al-Shabaab members

Storyline:National News, Security

Mogadishu military court has early today executed two members of Al-Shabaab who were responsible for separate attacks in Mogadishu that left many people dead.

Anshur Osman Abukar Omar 23 and Mohamed Ali Borrow Adan 25, were accused of been members of armed groups, planning and carrying out the Sahafi Hotel attack killing at least 32 innocent people and also slaying Anab Abdullahi Hashi who was secretary-general of the national women’s association in Mogadishu.

The two were also indicted of organising two explosions at the national theatre and the Unknown Soldier that killed 27.

Military court chairman Col. Hassan Noor Shute said the court found the two guilty of various charges and handed over the death sentences by the law on 20/03/2019.

At the place of the execution was presided by Somali military court officials and other government officials.

The security of the execution site was fully maintained as all roads entering the area blocked.

Somali military court has often carried out executions against alleged Al-Shabaab fighters who frequently target politicians, people and as well Somali government officials.

Despite their tactical withdrawal from Mogadishu in 2011, the group still controls a swath of rural areas in the south and central Somalia as they carry out bomb attacks in towns controlled by the Somali government.

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