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Mogadishu municipality seize tones of expired food and medicine

Storyline:National News

Dawooyin Dacay

The health officials of Mogadishu local government snatch tones of expired food and essential drugs imported by the World Food Programme to distribute to the Internally Displaced People in Somalia.

Sanitation and health officials of Mogadishu local government confirmed to the media that they entered several warehouses handled by the WFP in Mogadishu and seized expired tones of food and drugs.

“We were shocked and really panicked after finding out that some of the aid agencies in the country are importing expired goods.” Said one the officials.

The officials said the expired food and drugs were all burnt out in Mogadishu to keep away from the health problems that it could cause to the people.

The officials also confirmed that the imported goods were already expired before reaching Mogadishu sea port.

Banadir administration has severally promised to take tough actions against business and aid agencies who sale or import expired goods.

Farmers in Lower Shabelle and Middle Shabelle regions blamed putting at risk their productions for importing expired food and sell to the markets while their productions are ready.