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Mogadishu people in full preparation for Idul-fitri

Storyline:Business, National News

BakaraThe people of Mogadishu are in their last preparation to mark Eid Al-Fitr event that will began on Monday.

Thousands of people are shopping in the main markets of the capital, they are buying confections such as cakes, biscuits, candies and other things meant for children’s pleasure.

Mahamed Momin is the owner of sweets shop in Mogadishu; he told Goobjoog FM that he witnessed the largest number of customers buying different sweets adding that the customers are very eager to buy sweets compared to former events.

Ali Mahamed Hodan resident buying kilos of confections to his family said that he is expecting relatives and friends to visit his house during Eid occasion.

The main market of Mogadishu,Bakara was filled thrice its capacity by hundreds of people shopping their last day of holy month of Ramadan while they are very busy buying clothes, shoes and accessories, while girls and women decorate their hands with henna in the beauty salons with highly sky rocketing prices but some ladies prefer to decorate one another to avoid the huge cost as one of the customers confirmed.

Our reporter Kowthar Abdirahman met beauty salon owners and women accompanied by daughters in preparation for Hena and decoration activities in many populated Saloons.

Halimo Abdi saloon owner told Goobjoog FM that she earned money the last five days adding that sometimes missed chance to decorate may ladies due to the increasing number of customers coming her premise.