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Mogadishu residents flocks to roadsblocks

Storyline:National News

An operation by a section of the Somali government to rid the capital, Mogadishu, of illegal roadblocks manned by armed military began in the last days of Ramadan, in a move aimed of restoring security in the city.

The roads in Mogadishu are blocked by traffic and military soldiers who were seen in the main of the capital. All vehicles and pedestrians were blocked from crossing all over the main roads of the capital.

People in the capital were very busy in the big markets buying clothes for their children to prepare for the eid to the last days of the Ramadan and with this heavy roadblocks is really a huge problem to all the resident of the capital and the most common problem is the elderly, staff, sick people who are not even allowed to pass on the roads.

Roads, including those from Maka-al-Mukamama, Industries, near Hodan Hospitals, even Taleh, Zoobe, are the most important roads to travel to within the capital city mugadishu.

Some of the streets were even poured into sand, so that it won’t be passable to anyone

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addressed the resident of the capital about how the public disrupted roads during his election campaign period, and his words included

“If elected his government will dismiss the everyday roadblock within the capital Mogadishu, so that the people in the city will enjoy traveling within the capital at anytime”.

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