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Mogadishu residents urge the government to tackle fake drugs

Expired drugs

The civilians in Mogadishu complain on increase of counterfeit drugs sold around the capital asking the federal government to take immediate action to stop the circulation.

Abdihakim Abdullah Diriye, Mogadishu resident living in Yaqshid district told Goobjoog FM that he met health workers giving expired medicines to patients in Mogadishu.

Diriye stated that business people import medicines without proper control of  the federal government, hence cause unnecessary deaths and damages to the patients.

According to Diriye Patients unknowingly take the expired drugs which has less medical value to cure them while incurring a lot of expenses to buy the drugs.

This comes a time the ministry of health recently announced that malaria outbreak in some regions of the country endangers the lives of many people after malaria parasite became resistant to the available drugs in the country.