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Mohamed Affey : We are in no doubt that 2016 elections will take place

Storyline:National News

IGAD representative to Somalia Mohamed Abdi Affey giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM congratulated the federal government of somali and its people for their conscientious to host IGAD ministerial extra-ordinary summit in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.
”In fact I would like to congratulate the government of Somalia and its people for the lay down strategies and the preparations they made for meeting” Mr. Mohamed said
“Hosting of such important summit showed how Somali people are willing to get system and governance and we are in no doubt that 2016 election will take place if plans of the government are accomplished as per required ” affey added.
He urged Mogadishu people to collaborate with the government as to store stability in the country.
On other hand, Mr. Abdi applauded the government of Djibouti and its people for always supporting Somali government.
Lastly he stated that more consultative meetings will be held in Mogadishu before the end of the year which will open new page for the government and its citizens.