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Monthly Report: Galmudug concludes training for 1st batch of security forces,  the state releases Puntland soldiers

Storyline:National News

November 04, 2015:  Galmudug state names interim Administration for Abadwaq town.

Mahad Omar Elmi appointed as interim mayor of the town by Interior minister of the state, Jama Hassan Salad.

November 05, 2015: Clan militias Galkaayo town hand over their weapons to the administration.

Well organized ceremony takes place in the town as Galmudug leader Abdikarim Hussein Gulled together other officials witness the handing over of weapons cache.

November 5, 2015: Galmudug security forces free four abducted Iranians from local pirates in security operation which takes place in the outskirt of Adodo town.

November 07, 2015: Galmudug administration concludes training for 80 security officer who were converged from different towns in the state.

November 11, 2015: Gunmen open fire on a van heading to Guri-el town, the incident claims lives of three elder and injures.

November 13 , 2015 : Galmudug State opens  new airport in Galkio  after challenges from Puntland State which controls the main airport of Galkio. Abdikarim Hussien Guled- Galmudug’s State president called airliners to land Galmudug Airport when  they carry passengers belonging  to Galmudug state.

Somalia’s youngest regional state, Galmudug launches first airstrip since its Inception mid this year.

The airfield is launched outside Galkaayo town in a bid to heal turmoil between the administration and their neighboring regional state of Puntland.

November 24, 2015: At least 9 people were admitted to Adado Hospital in Galgaduud region after taking contaminated and milk.

The nine, who included men, women and children, took the food And the  milk on Sunday evening afternoon during preparations for a ceremony that took place later that evening at village on the outskirt of Adado town.

Abdirahman Yussuf kheyre, said people started having stomach pains and a headache as they vomited and were took to took to the hospital thinking they had malaria.

“They felt unwell and thought it was malaria only to be diagnosed with food poisoning,” he said.

November 30, 2015: Galmudug administration hands over nine Puntland soldiers who were reportedly captured during the clash in Galkaayo and remain under the PM’s custody pending official return to Puntland.