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More Universities needed in the central somalia

Storyline:National News

The central regions are currently facing less university education, whereby the secondary school students are coming to the capital Mogadishu to start universities.

Adado one of the towns in the central regions of Somalia has now opened two universities for the high school students in Adado and nearby areas to enroll when they finish their secondary level.

Some students said “that central regions students are having low rates of universities in the region and the students requesting more universities to be enrolled to the region in order to avoid going to the capital Mogadishu for more expenses.”

Most of the students in the country are coming to Mogadishu to enroll universities which result of stress and drop out of students from the universities because Extremely high rates of poverty in communities across Somalia that make it difficult for parents to afford to pay school and university fees.

For more than two decades of conflict in Somalia, the generation of Somali children lost the opportunity for formal education and other benefits of a stable childhood.

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