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Mortar shells kill two in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

At least two civilians have been killed and seven others were injured on Saturday morning after several motor shells hit houses near Baidoa Airport and Southwest presidential palace in Baidoa.

According to sources, the mortars were destined to the presidential palace and the airport in the town, but missed and landed in residential areas.

“The mortar shells struck homes of Sleeping civilians, two died and seven others sustained wounds from the bombardment of this morning,” a resident in the town said.

The injuries were taken to a hospital in the town where they are receiving treatment.

Hassan says AMISOM troops in the town responded with several motor shells that landed parts of the town.

Farah Abdi, in Baidoa, told Goobjoog News on a telephone that six of his neighbours were injured by a shell that demolished their home.

“They were taking cover in a concrete building, but such big shells can penetrate the strongest house,” he said. “We could not even go  to assist them. Bombs were raining on us.” Abdi.

There is no comment over the shelling caused the civilian casualties from the administration Baidoa district.

No one has claimed the responsibility of the shelling, but  Al-Shabaab carried out similar attacks in the past.