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MP Godah Barre: President Mohamud is responsible for failed state formation conference

Somali Federal MP and former Interior minister Godah Bare has accused Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for the stalling of the Middle Shabelle/Hiiraan state formation conference.

In an exclusive interview with Goobjoog News, Godah said elders and people of Hiiraan boycotted the conference after the president ignored the importance of the region. ‘As MP from the region we tried to do our best but after we realized conspiracy against the region so we resorted to work with elders,” said the MP

The MP also directly accused the president for the disarray of conference in Jowhar.  “The president declared in public the person whom he wants  to be the leader. He [ the president] wanted to name Bulla Barde-the capital city of the state. The president makes all the decisions” said Barre.

Federal interior minister Abdirhman Odawa is in Baladweyne to persuade elders of the region to attend the state formation conference in Jowhar.

Elders of the Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions issued joint statement last week which declared non participation in the conference after too much interference from the government.