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MP Hosh Jibril “Federal Parliament Has Only Advisory Role In The Regional States”

Storyline:National News

Hosh JibrilMP Hosh Jibril has labeled the anti Jubbaland motion in the federal parliament as a complain seeking to rectify errors in the formation of Jubbaland assembly and not a motion to pass no confidence vote.

He was speaking to Goobjoog and said that it was best suited that the federal parliament issue a statement rather than debating the matter.

“Constitutionally we cannot call it a motion, it’s a declaration of a concern and complain, it was wrong for the speaker to treat this as a motion, because the federal parliament has only advisory role in the formation of regional states” Said the MP.

His comments came at a time when the MPs were debating a no confidence motion against the formation of Jubbaland regional assembly which they believe is unconstitutional.

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