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MP succumbs to bullet injuries, becomes the third to be gunned down this year

Storyline:Security, World

Federal lawmaker Mohamed Ahmed Gurhan this evening succumbed to injuries following a fatal drive-by-shooting while on his way to parliament in Hamareyne area of Mogadishu Saturday morning.

The lawmaker who was until his death a member of the Security and Interior Affairs committee of parliament died at a city hospital Saturday evening.

Confirming the death, one of the MPs His Muse Awl told Goobjoog News the late Gurhan died after efforts to save his life failed at a medical facility in Mogadishu.

Gurhan who hails from Somaliland is said to have been alone at the time of the shooting adding to accounts that he had not always had any security guards. It is uncommon for politicians and senior government officials particularly in Mogadishu to stay without armed guards with some using bullet proof cars.

Meanwhile President Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has offered his condolences to the family of the late lawmaker terming him a martyr of peace for Somalia. The president also extended his condolences to the federal parliament and the people of Somalia for the loss of the MP.

The lawmaker becomes the third be shot this year. Two other MPs were killed in bomb explosions including the recent one in Sahafi hotel attack and the Central hotel siege in May.