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MP warns of influx of Al Shabab fighters into Baledweyn

Storyline:National News

The deputy chairman of Parliamentary committee of Internal Affairs, Regional Administration and Security has warned of possible influx of Al Shabab fighters into Baledweyn town after Somali National Army and the African Union Forces, AMISOM pushed Al-Shabab fighters from several town in the region.

Dahir Amiin Jeesow warned that the town could fall victim of the defeated group if the government of Somalia does not inhibit the movement of Al-Shabaab fighters into the town.

“After the joint operation conducted by SNA and AMISOM troops, many of them (Al Shabab fighters) begun to flee and hide in many towns of the country including Baledweyn. I know many of them already reached here.” said jeesow, who is currently in Baledweyn town.

He called on the people to be more vigilante and report to the security forces if they suspect any members of Al Shabab hiding in their areas.

“Some of them are coming here because of clan affiliation. That is what they are doing now to get a safe haven for,” he added.

In the recent months, the African Union Peace-Keeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and SNA soldiers have reinfornced their operations to fight against Al-Shabab in Hiraan region.