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MP Warsame: The federal Gov’t commits a political offence against Hirshabelle state

Storyline:National News

Parliamentarian of Hirshabelle state has accused the federal government of committing a political offence against their state.

The lawmaker Abdirashid Abdihakin Warsame, one of the prominent members of the Hirshabeel state government, told Goobjoog News that he welcomes the Kismayo conference and expects all the regional leaders to attend.

“The federal government is committing political offences against Hirshabelle and not any other regional states in the country,” said Warsame.

Meanwhile, he also emphasised that the federal government is dealing with Hirshabeelle like the local administration in Mogadishu.

The lawmaker Abdirashid Abdihakim also pointed out that the federal government of Somalia was pressing the President of Hirshabelle state Mohamed Abdi Waare not to participate the regional leader’s conference in Kismayo.

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