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MPs and elders oppose the formation South West three region state

Storyline:National News

Omar finish

Members of federal parliament , traditional elders and intellectuals who met in Mogadishu opposed the technical committee comprising of 18 members appointed by Somali prime minister obliged to establish the three regional administration and termed it as unconstitutional.

They accused the federal government of infringing the provincial constitution and the bylaws approved by the parliament.

Jamaa Abdullahi aka Kabaweyne stated that the federal government has not considered nor respected the will of the communities residing in some of the regions where South West three regional state is to govern. They also urged the government to review its decision as its not coping with the current situation of the country.

Omar finish, a serving member of federal parliament said federalism should based on people’s will than forcing the community to take orders they are not ready for.

South West regional states of six region and three region signed interim agreement to establish three regional state on 23rd June this year in Mogadishu a move which was praised by AMISOM, UN and United states of America.