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MPs arbitrates on dispute between Jalalaqsi administration and Amisom

Storyline:National News, World

MPs from Somali Lower House traveled to Hiran region in order to settle differences between Jalalaqsi local administration and peacekeeping force Amisom.

These MPs are led by Khalif Abdi Omar whose aim is to make the disputing entities to bury their hatchet and work for the common good.

It’s believed that the dispute resulted when Amisom soldiers from Djibouti opened fire on the local people killing one person.

The locals demonstrated in large numbers in opposition to the above incident that compelled the local administration to side with them which prompted their dispute with the foreign peacekeeping troops.

Speaking to the press, the MPs were terse on revealing much information and mentioned their efforts to smoothen out the differences and removal of magnifying the incident.

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