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MPs blame the federal government of blocking Garbaharey preliminary conference

Storyline:National News

A member of federal parliament of Somalia stated that the government has blocked a preliminary conference that was expected to open in Garbarey district, the headquarters of Gedo region ahead of Juba reconciliation in Kismayo.

Noor Farah Jama’a blamed the federal government of Somalia of taking quick decision of holding the conference before the agreed date.

Mr. Noor stated that the MPs informed the federal government the opening of Garbaharey conference but ignored the realities on the ground.

This comes a time when many politicians who hail from Gedo region boycotted the second phase of Juba reconciliation conference that was officially opened by president Hassan on Tuesday in Kismayo.

Days before the opening of Juba reconciliation conference Barre Hirale accused IJA of interfering and changing the official date of the conference urging the federal government to fairly lead the conference.