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MPs condemn gruesome killing of bantu man, demand justice


MPs have called for speedy investigation and prosecution of those behind the gory killing of a man whose nephew’s marriage was disputed by the bride’s family for ‘not belonging to the right clan’.

In a heated in the Lower House today, legislators expressed shock over the circumstances which led to the killing of Ahmed Muktar Salah who is from a minority community in the country.

“We call upon all the criminal justice agencies to investigate and prosecute those behind the killing,” Mohamed Dhalha (MP) said. “Parliament must follow this case and ensure the law is followed.”

Another MP, Nur Iftin lamented what he termed as discrimination of people from Bantu communities in the country adding that while Bantu people married other communities in the world, they were being discriminated in the Somalia.

“We are being killed, being raped and hijacked. We are brothers and sisters,” said Iftin.

“Our Bantu men in the US marry the white women but our Somali brothers kill us and don’t want us to marry their daughters,” Iftin added.

The deceased was stabbed and his body burnt in a bizarre incident Thursday. Relatives of the deceased and witnesses said the bride’s family demanded that Salah, who is the uncle of the groom bring back their daughter who is said to have secretly married. It is then that he was stabbed to death.

Hundreds of Mogadishu residents attended Salah’s burial over the weekend amid increasing calls for justice.

Contributing to the debate in parliament, Abdinasir Muse called on fellow legislators to join hands in raising funds for the deceased’s family.

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