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MPs decry security lapses in Mogadishu, call for PM’s resignation

Lower House Speaker (C) presiding over debate Tuesday. MPs accused the government of failing to tame deteriorating security in the city. Photo: Goobjoog News

MPs have lamented what they termed as deteriorating security situation in the capital Mogadishu and the regions calling on the Prime Hassan Khaire to resign.

In a heated debate Monday and Tuesday, Lower House legislators lampooned the government for failing to secure the city noting residents were now opting for justice from the militant group Al-Shabaab which has itself inflicted heavy toll on the city.

“Security in the country is out of control currently. Mogadishu is the first place to secure, but we are aware that people living in Mogadishu go to Al-Shabaab areas to seek justice which clearly indicate that the citizens don’t have confidence in their own government,” Mohamed Ganey (MP) said. “The federal government is busy to destabilisng the state governments in the country. So we urge the PM to resign from the office.”

The legislators spoke as one of their own, Mohamed Mursal Boorow is fighting for his life at a city hospital after narrowly surviving a deadly car bombing Thursday which killed his driver. Al-Shabaab launched deadly attacks early this month on two district headquarters in Mogadishu within a span of a week killing at least 12 people.

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Security Council fails to meet as state leaders keep off

Mohamed Fiqi (MP) who once served as the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) also gave a bleak assessment of the security situation in the country noting Al-Shabaab was making its foothold in Mogadishu as it controlled localities in the outskirts of the central business district.

“I worked in the security sector during the Al-Shabaab time, but compared to the last six years, the security situation of the country is getting worse. Al-Shabab currently controls Afgooye, Balaa’d and Suuqa Xoolaha which is part of the capital Mogadishu,” said Fiqi.

The debate came amid failure by the National Security Council to meet Monday after regional state leaders boycotted accusing the government of failing to honour agreements.

“The president promised to eliminate the terrorist group in the country in his first two years but he has only a few months and the security in the country remains the same, Fiqi added.

Another MP Arab Isse echoed Ganey’s remarks noting Somalis opted for Al-Shabaab courts for justice. Isse accused the government of inaction citing the alleged destruction of Hormuud Telecom masts by Kenyan security forces last month.

“Some months ago Kenya forces destroyed Hormuud Telecommunications masts in different past of the Jubba region. Our citizens in the different countries of the world are humiliated and killed but the federal government is not putting in any efforts to address these issues,” said Isse.