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MPs establish a new Somali parliamentary caucus for women

Storyline:National News

Women ministers in the newly announced cabinet have invited female MPs and some of Somali women’s association in Mogadishu on Sunday.
The groups discussed wide range issues including the role of women in Somali political and how women to get higher positions to take part in the rebuilding of the country.

After long discussion they commended the prime minister of Somali federal government for their rightful share in the national cake and pledged supportive hand for the newly announce cabinet.
Finally the clusters agreed upon to establish new Somali parliamentary caucus with the name ‘Itus oo Itaabsii’ which will stand for the interest of women and the whole country.
Women belief that they are given a second-class position to men in the political course of action due to favouritism, tribal and male-dominant mentality in Somali society.
In response to these factors the caucus will fight to defeat these existing barriers that start from cultural gear, to attain their 30% quota in the national cake and play their role, as same way of that men