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MPs Form New Caucus, Vow No-Confidence Vote for The Cabinet

Storyline:National News

At least 30 parliamentarians who took meeting in Mogadishu have formed new Somali parliamentary caucus which they named as Madashada Maslaxadda Qaranka (MMG).
MP Abdinasir Gaarane who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog Fm stated that the main reason behind the formation of the new caucus was to seek solution for the complicated political situation in Somalia.
“We have united after the parliament was left out from the new cabinet, the power sharing system was violated as many clans were not accommodated, therefore as MPs we stood to solve all those problems” Mr Gaarane said.
Another lawmaker Ibrahim Issak Yarow also stated that the MPs who met today were not members of the two Somali parliamentary caucuses prior to this new one.
“The formation of the new cabinet was involved by the Parliament Speaker, when the article 100 and 90 of constitution clarifies that the president and the prime minister are the ones authorised to form a government” MP Yarow.
He added that the newly appointed council of ministers all newcomers with no experience, who cannot steer the nation towards 2016 mission.
These MPS agreed upon that they would not give vote of confidence to the newly announced cabinet.
Conversely the other caucuses have not yet officially commented on the cabinet appointed by Prime Minister Abdirashid Omar,