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MPs, Ministers keep off House proceedings as divisions emerge over Qalbi Dhagah case

Only 104 MPs turned up against a 139 minimum for quorum throwing the debate on Qalbi Dhagah case off balance. File Photo: Goobjoog News

The Lower House has failed to commence seating today after lawmakers among them ministers failed to affirm their attendance in the House forcing the Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawaari to read the riot act to the lawmakers, a day the House was expected to debate the controversial extradition of senior ONLF leader Qalbi Dhagah.

Goobjoog News parliamentary correspondent Abdifitah Kalgaal reports the MPs declined to register their attendance forcing the House Speaker Jawaari to issue ultimatum in line with House Standing Orders.

The House Standing Orders set the quorum at 139. Only 104 MPs signed the attendance sheet but several other MPs and Ministers were within parliament building, Kalgaal reports.

The development follows what has emerged to have been round the clock meetings over the Qalbi Dhagah case which some MPs had expressed strong views on questioning the government’s move. MPs who spoke to Goobjoog News in the past week said they would be pushing the government to explain the circumstances under which the ONLF leader was handed over to Ethiopia.