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MPs petition speaker to prioritize debate on security

A section of MPs today petitioned the speaker to put the debate on the security of the country as a priority item in the order paper amid increasing terror attacks, especially in Mogadishu.

A total of 16 MPs appended their signatures on the motion to allow the House debate at length the security situation in the country.

In the petition seen by Goobjoog News, the MPs said it was their constitutional responsibility to ‘protect the country, the people and religion’.

“This necessitates therefore that we take our responsibility to protect the people we represent. Debate on the current security situation of the country must be the first priority to ensure accountability,” the petition addressed to the speaker read in part.

Earlier some MPs waves placards with the text; the people’s representatives are the voice of the public’.

At least 21 people were killed Thursday in a hotel attack in Mogadishu adding to 50 the number of people killed in terror attacks since the beginning of March.