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Mugadishu police recover minibus and shell rounds after the city was shelled

Storyline:National News

Somali police forces injured 2 of four men who said to have fired motor shells on parts of the city last night, Benadir police said.

The police said they recovered a minibus and shell rounds after minutes of shoot out between the men were travelling in minibus and police at checkpoint.

Benadir Police commissioner Ali Gaab said the incident happened at about 8PM after the men who attacked parts of Mogadishu with rounds of motor trying to escape from the scene.

“The men had approached police check point after the attack. The soldiers at the checkpoint suspected the men and engaged them in a fierce battle.” said Gaab.

The incident comes at a time the city witnessed several drive by shooting attacks that claimed lives of over ten people.

On Tuesday, a Federal member of parliament identified as Mohamed Ali Dahiye was injured and two his staff including a driver and bodyguard killed in a drive by shooting incident in El-Gaabta junction.

Local government spokesman Abdifitah Halane said the Tuesday’s attack was carried out by armed gunmen suspected to be Al-Shabaab and that security agencies have launched investigations into the incident.

“This is part of pre-planned attacks carried out by Al-Shabaab but security forces have foiled several such attempts,” said Halane.


Courtesy of the photos: Radio Mogadishu