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Multiple people arrest for yesterday Police attack in Baidoa

Storyline:National News

At least 10 people were stopped and detained by Somali security services in Baidoa this Thursday.

Security operation and searchers netted several suspects in connection with yesterday explosion attack which killed high ranking police officer in Baidoa town of southwest state.

Mohmmad Isak Hassan – the head of the security operation told Goobjoog News that some of the arrested people have already admitted to have involved yesterday attack. ‘Some have already admitted to have involved the attack and we still searching others’ said Isak

Police colonel Idow killed yesterday attack in Baidoa which Alshabab claimed its responsibility.

At least 30 people killed and 60 others wounded in twin suicides attack carried out by Alshabab  at busy junction and restaurants 11 days ago in Baidoa.