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Mutinous soldiers seize government manning checkpoints in Middle Shabelle

Storyline:National News

Dozens of irate Somali soldiers have taken controlled of several security checkpoints between Bala’ad and Jowhar towns, residents said.

The soldiers have staged strike for unpaid salaries in the latest in a series of mutinies and protests being staged by Somali forces.

Mohamed Ali Farah, a local resident in Galoolay villages said the army protested and seized Qalimow, Garsaale and Elka Gellow in protest at delay in salary payment.

“The soldiers complained of delayed pays and that led the army take control of  the checkpoints,” said Farah.

A military officer who sought anonymity said SNA soldiers in the region have not been paid for months.

He pointed out that the wives and children of the soldiers are spending most of the nights with empty stomachs while the husbands and father die defending their country.

” No one can stay without payment because we have wives and children who want us to give them money at the end of the month”  said the officer.