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Muungaab hails disarmament operations in the capital

Storyline:National News
Mogadishu Mayor, Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab

The governor of Banadir region and mayor of Mogadishu Hassan Mhamed Hussein Muungaab and delegates returned to Mogadishu from his trip to Sweden where he spent several days.

He was warmly welcomed by senior officials of Banadir region, lawmakers and civil society.

Holding press conference in Adan Ade international airport, Muungaab welcomed the disarmament operations that was going on in Mogadishu the last few days.

The mayor said that fighting against illegal weapons in Mogadishu will reduce the security threats and restore law and order.

He stated that his trip to Sweden was successful adding that he met senior Swedish officials and discussed wide range issues on the needs of the people in the capital in the fields of humanitarian assistance and reconstruction.

This is the second official visit of Mogadishu mayor to countries outside Somalia since he was appointed earlier this year.