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National Parties Forum Suggest 2021 Election Process

Storyline:National News

The National Party Forum has released a statement over the 2021 election and welcomed the Prime Minister of the Federal Government, Hassan Ali Kheyre’s statement of last week.

The Prime Minister declared 2021 inclusive election in Somalia on Friday in a video conference during cabinet ministers meeting in Mogadishu.

“The federal government will work to ensure 2021 elections held in the country whatever it cost and whatever way, the general election is so important than the other means in Somalia,” said PM.

“As a nation, from today our mission will be making viable Somali nation, calm, peaceful and people should be part of it, so far the election is taking place” Kheyre added.

This comes during political stakeholder are worried and in doubt about 2021 election and political stability in Somalia

The coalitions also call on the government to put and held a consultative meeting to the political stakeholders to agree on the election process, so that the Parliament to approve the reopening of the peaceful and timely election.

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