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National Security Agencies Warns Mogadishu Residents Against Blocking Suburban Roads

Storyline:National News

Khaasim Axmed RoobleThe spokesman for the National Security Agencies Kassim Ahmed Roble has warned Mogadishu residents against  blocking roads that runs through suburbs when the main roads are closed for security reasons.

This comes at a time when Turkey President Rajeb Tayib Erdogan is expected to visit Mogadishu and that the government has closed several main roads in the capital. This resulted most of the city’s public and private transport to use tiny roads that runs through the suburbs.

Some residents who felt harassed by the motorists opted blocking roads, they claim their children might be at danger because of the unruly drivers.

“There is no one under any circumstances who is not fulfilling government duties can block a road, if this happens they should be reported to the police or the National Security Agency who will act on it, we had cases where the law took measures against such people” said the spokesman who also apologized to the public for the incontinence caused by the road closures .

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